Segment 2: Wilds

The Wilds section of the West Branch Paddle Club (WBPC) gets its name and icon from the wild elk that can be found in this region of Pennsylvania. The Susquehanna River West Branch meanders through forested ridges and valleys, which are home to the largest free-roaming elk herd in the northeastern United States. In total, this section covers roughly 76 miles of the 228-mile water trail, making it the longest of the four sections that make up the WBPC. Some points of interest along this section of the water trail include Sproul State Forest and the PA Wild Elk Range. 

Estimated Paddle Time: 5-7 days (estimate based on 12-16 miles per day at normal water levels)


Start: Elliot's Park Access (RM 174.2)

Accesses in this section:

  • PFBC Frenchville Access (aka Deer Creek Bridge Access - RM 148.9)
  • DCNR Bureau of Forestry Karthaus (RM 132)

Overnight Stays:

  • There are three camping sites available at the DCNR Bureau of Forestry Karthaus access. A camping permit is required at this access and within Sproul State Forest and can be obtained by contacting their District Office at 570-923-6011. For additional information on camping within Sproul State Forest please click here
  • For more information on overnight stays along this segment, please contact Visit Clearfield County (for Clearfield County), The Happy Valley Adventure Bureau (for Centre County), or the Clinton County Economic Partnership (for Clinton County)


  • Shawville Energy Dam (RM 164): Must exit river left at RM 164.2 to portage around this dam.

End: Renovo 5th Street Access (RM 97.8) or PA State Flaming Foliage Access (RM 97.3)

Kayaking near Shawville 

Elliott's Park welcome sign

Bridge along the river near Karthaus. Photo courtesy 

Mark Plummer at 

Water trail panel at the Karthaus access