Crash Course! Brush Up On Your Greenway Trail Lingo

What is the Susquehanna Greenway anyway? Not sure? Check out our Greenway lingo list to find out! Whether you’re exploring a river town, paddling the river, or hitting the trails, our guide has the jargon, abbreviations, phrases, slang, and lexicon you need to become a Greenway guru.

444 club – Includes anyone who has paddled the entire 444 miles of the Susquehanna River Water Trail - Main Stem (SRWT), from Cooperstown, NY, to Havre de Grace, MD. You Go! 

Bonus steps/miles (noun)– These are all the extra steps (or miles if you are ambitious) put in that were not on the trail, such as walking to and from a trail access points, venturing on connector trails to see an exceptional view of the Susquehanna, side trips to explore river towns, or the inevitable navigational mishaps.

Glonk (noun)– A clueless person who just bulldozes down a hill and doesn't realize that uphill hikers have the right of way. Don’t be a glonk; yield to uphill traffic.

Great Bend (noun) – A section of Susquehanna where the river dips into Pennsylvania for a short time in Susquehanna County before returning to New York and making its way further West. A region full of history and scenic vistas for travelers and paddlers alike.

GORP (noun)– Good Ole Raisins & Peanuts, or trail mix.

Greenway (noun)– A cross between a Greenspace and a Parkway; it consists of a corridor of protected land and water for the movement of both people and animals.

Hellbender (noun)– one of the largest salamanders in North America and a native to the Susquehanna River and her tributaries. 

Hiker Funk (noun) – This obnoxious smell is the result of a unique combination of excessive sweat, good ole’ dirt and grim, and the pride you feel at the end of the day from having completed a section of the trail with scant regard for personal hygiene.

LNT (acronym)– Leave No Trace! A series of seven principles designed to assist hikers and campers think about ways their can minimize their impact on the natural environment.

Lower Susquehanna – A stretch of the Susquehanna that flows from Harrisburg, PA to the Mason-Dixon Line at the Pennsylvania-Maryland border; managed by the Susquehanna Gateway Heritage Area.

Middle Susquehanna – A stretch of the river that runs from Sunbury, PA to Harrisburg, PA; managed by the Susquehanna River Trail Association. Fun fact: this is the only section of river with free island camping sites.

North Branch – The 181 miles of the Susquehanna River from the NY state line to Northumberland PA; it includes the Great Bend in Susquehanna County. This section of the water trail is jointly managed by Endless Mountains Heritage Region and the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership.

On your Left! – A phrase that is often shouted to pedestrians and slow cyclists when passing on the trail. Phrase can be accompanied by a bell and is often uttered more than once in quick succession.

Power walkers (noun) – Really fit individuals who are walking on a mission; you hate them, but you still secretly want to be them. Those hips don’t lie!

Shuttling (verb)– the fine art of dropping off and staging equipment/vehicles at trailheads or river access points in order to undertake a one-way adventure.

Susquehanna Greenway – a network of land trails, parks, river accesses, and communities that runs along both sides of the Susquehanna River within Pennsylvania. It includes everything within 1-3 miles of the river, depending on geography.

Susquehanna Greenway River Town – Susquehanna Greenway River Towns are communities who have undertaken the SGP River Town program to envision, prioritize, and implement community-led projects that reconnect residents back to the Susquehanna River, create trails and river accesses, and interpret the community’s natural and cultural assets.

Trail candy (noun) – Eye candy, but on the trail; also called an attractive hiker.

Ticks (noun) – small parasitic insects, a.k.a. little septic tanks, that can carry Lyme disease and other illnesses. Best friends are mosquitos, leeches, and that one friend who sleeps on your couch a little too long during the holidays.

Vortex (noun) – Anything off trail that draws hikers into it and hikers find difficult to leave; can include scenic overlooks or town stops.

West Branch A 228-mile stretch of the Susquehanna River from Cherry Tree to Sunbury; the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership is the water trail manager for this section.


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