Cliff and Veruschka Stevens
Handmade jewelry by VeruDesigns
Home and office, the Stevens' loft in the Pajama Factory features stunning views, hardwood floors, and unique architecture.
The Pajama Factory is a community of small businesses, artisans, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits.

The Arts Find A Home in Williamsport

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October 2015, by Kassia Janesch

Cliff and Veruschka Stevens, the owners of CultureSpots LLC, and Veru Designs, operate their unique businesses in an equally unique space. Their web-based platform for interpretive tours and Veruschka’s jewelry design company are located in the Pajama Factory, in Williamsport, PA.

When Cliff and Veruschka Stevens started their businesses, they knew they would be able to live and work from any location. The city that captured their hearts was Williamsport, Pennsylvania, a river town along the West Branch of the Susquehanna River. “We were craving peace and connection, and were familiar with the appeal of the Susquehanna River," said Cliff whose parents live in Maryland, where the river flows into the Chesapeake Bay. In addition, Williamsport was close to their clients in NY, Philadelphia, and D.C. and surrounded by landscapes they loved and creative community they craved.

CultureSpots, a “story-telling platform”, allows users to create audio tours (for free!) and provide a short url with their recordings to their audiences, be it a museum, a gallery, or even an artist just starting out on their own. “It provides a lot of free resources so they can focus on what they’re saying as opposed to how it sounds,” Cliff explained. Veru Designs, on the other hand, is custom-made jewelry designed and created by Veruschka using a variety of materials, like polymer clay. What began as a hobby blossomed into a business when people noticed when she was wearing her own designs. CultureSpots has several well-known clients, like the Barnes Foundation, while Veru Designs pieces have been photographed for spreads in well-known magazines. Both their businesses reflect a passion for making art and culture more available and accessible.

Mrs. Stevens stated that “We love art; we’ve always felt and wished that we knew more… it came from us being fans of art, history, and heritage.” CultureSpots allows one to immediately satisfy a curiosity about a work of art (for example), without having to download an app, or go home later and search for more information, while Veruschka is able to create wearable art through her jewelry.

By living and working in the Pajama Factory, the couple is constantly surrounded by art and creativity, further inspiring their own work. Though their successful businesses are impressive, their warmth, passion, and drive for their work and their home along the river leave a lasting impression.

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