Active Transportation Training Course

Thursday, October 22, 2020 - 8:00am - 12:00pm

Description: The Active Transportation training course will discuss the latest research and guidelines for nonmotorized transportation modes. Many communities in Pennsylvania are encouraging more active transportation (walking, cycling, etc.) to enhance their community and foster healthy lifestyles. Corresponding to this encouragement of active transportation, communities are looking to develop active transportation plans to help create more facilities such as bicycle paths, sidewalks, trails, greenways, etc. This course will examine the safety and standards for these facilities, as well as how to develop an active transportation plan. The course will also highlight successful examples of local plans, practices, and policies in Pennsylvania. 

Intended Audience:  This course is intended for local officials responsible for the planning, design, and implementation of bicycle, greenways, trails and related facilities. This includes municipal managers, elected officials, public works directors, roadmasters, and code enforcement officers.

Location: Virtual

This course is provided by the PennDOT Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) and facilitated by SEDA-COG.

Registration: Register today, as space is limited. If you are unable to register due to the class being full, please let LTAP know what class you are interested in attending via email

Register for classes on the LTAP website All virtual classes have Virtual, PA, as their location on the website. If you need assistance with registration, please contact LTAP at or call 1-800-FOR-LTAP or 717-787-5243. You will need an individual email address to participate in the virtual training.

Group Participation in LTAP Virtual Class:  A municipality may have a few staff participate in a virtual class together if they are meeting their municipal requirements for COVID. The class can also be viewed through a smart phone. After the class, everyone needs to use the link to fill out the quiz and evaluation forms. The forms may also be completed on a smart phone. Please have everyone register on the website that is planning on attending and completing the quiz.