Wrightsville; Pizza & Paddle

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Location: Susquehanna River Water Trail - Middle Sections, 234 N Front St, Wrightsville, PA 17308

Shank's Mare is teaming up with The John Wright Restaurant. Enjoy a guded kayak tour on the Susquehanna River at the Wright's Ferry Bridge. Explore the footprint of the old Susquehanna Cannal and the remains of the famous bridge burned during the Civil War. Then head on in to The John Wright Restauraunt and enjoy thier patio puzza with your special 20% off meal voucher. In addition to you 20% off meal voucher, Shank's Mare will give you 20% off on your kayak rentals for this tour. There will be accommodations to change clothes after the paddle.

Fee: Includes guided paddle tour, 20% off meal voucher and 20% off kayak rental - Members $18/Person; Non-Members $20/Person. Children under 12 years - Members $13/Child; Non-Members $15/Child. Kayak Rentals - $29/Single Kayak; $39/Double Kayak (take 20% off either for this tour)

For kayak rental call Shank's Mare (717-252-1616) and for more information please visit https://www.findyourchesapeake.com/events/detail/pizza-and-paddle-on-the-susquehanna/