Susquehanna Bikeway/ Reighard Trail

County: Lycoming

Length: 6.4 miles

Trail Access Points: Commerce Park Drive, Williamsport Greevey Road; Indian Park; North Loyalsock Avenue, Montoursville.

Trail Surface: Asphalt

Trail Activities: biking, walking, rollerskate


The Susquehanna Bikeway, or Reighard Trail, offers users a unique pathway between Williamsport, PA and Montoursville, PA along the West Branch of the Susquehanna River. The trail is a combination of paved off-road sections, a short on-road connector, and sidewalks through town. The Bikeway can be accessed at the eastern terminus of the Williamsport River Walk; along the access road for the Greevy Boat Ramp, at Indian Park in Montoursville, and along the Walmart Parking lot.  

From Commerce Park Drive: 

Travel north from the parking area over the rail road tracks to pick up the Bikeway. This section in Loyalsock is called the Reighard Trail/Susquehanna Bikeway. Cross and old rail road bridge over Millers Run and bear right along the open, paved trail as it follows the RR tracks on your right with I-180 just above on your left. Cross over the RR tracks and you'll come to Greevey Rd at 0.7 miles. A bike-lane take you along Greevey Rd and past the boat launch. Turn left on Canfields Lane at 1.7 miles and cross back over the RR tracks onto Old Montoursville Rd. Rejoin the paved trail at 2.1 miles as it travels alongside E 3rd St. A pedestrian walkway on the Broad Street Bridge takes you over Loyalsock Creek at 2.4 miles. the trail loops right underneath this bridge and heads north traveling underneath I-180. It follows the river floodplain on your left and I-180 on your right. Travel Back underneath I-180 and come to Indian Park at 3.5 miles. The trail continues a short distance past Indian Head Park to the back lot of the Walmart plaza. 

Parking and Trail Access:

Parking is available along Commerce Park Drive at the intersection of the Williamsport River Walk and Susquehanna Bikeway; parking is also available along Greevy Road, and at Indian Park in Montoursville. 

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