Lancaster county; KTA Trail Challenge

Saturday, September 9, 2017 - 7:00am - 7:00pm

Location: Pequea Creek Campground & Susquehannock State Park

50k Start: Pequea Creek Campground, 7 am - registration opens at 5:30 am.

The 50k course will be the same as 2016 - Thanks to Lancaster County Conservancy for negotiating the opening of the Conestoga Trail through Holtwood Pincnic Area! The elevation profile for the 50k and the map for both courses will be posted under Course Details and Elevation Profile tab to the left.

25k Start: Susquehannock State Park, 9 am - registration opens at 7:30 am.

The 25k course will be the same as 2016 - following State Parks Trails to a road section, where it joins the 50k course on the Norman Wood Bridge crossing the Susquehanna River. Finish Line for 50k and 25k: Otter Creek Campground, Airville, PA - parking for friends and family available in adjacent lot on Furnace Road. This is a timed event. Participants must finish by 7pm.

Shuttles will be available to take participants back to their cars at Pequea or the Park from the Finish Line during the event.

Checkpoints along the course will have water, sports drink, snacks, and volunteers to cheer you on.

What to Bring: all the gear and necessities that help you hike/trail run. Most important: water (refillable containers), basic first aid (like blister treatment, an epi-pen if you carry one), sunscreen, bug repellent and raingear. The event is rain or shine, and in the great outdoors. Consider bringing extra snacks, i.e., gels/ energy bars. There will be plenty of food available at the checkpoints, but it’s good to have an extra energy supply when you need it.

How to Register: There are two ways to sign up. Download the REGISTRATION FORM to send in with your cash or money order. Or, to use a credit card or PayPal, sign up on Pretzel City Sports.

I registered on Pretzel City Sports but haven't heard anything from KTA: Pretzel City Sports handles the credit card registrations for the KTA Trail Challenge. Every 3 weeks, they send KTA information about those who signed up. That's when you'll receive the confirmation email from the KTA office. If you have pressing questions before then (it can be a long wait when you're training, we know!) please reach out to or call the office at 717.766.9690.

What is the KTA Trail Challenge?

The KTA Trail Challenge is an event for adventurous trail runners and hikers on the wild river hills of the lower Susquehanna Gorge.

This daunting trail challenge event on the Conestoga Trail and State Park trails and the Mason-Dixon Trail System, alternates breathtaking vistas with steep descents into dark, scenic hollows followed by strenuous climbs to the next vista. Prepare yourself for the steep hills, rocky terrain and deep ravines of the KTA Trail Challenge, an arduous, undulating and demanding course.

Although the KTA Trail Challenge is a timed event, the challenge is not to "win" or "come in first," but to complete the hike in 12 hours or less (10 hours for the 25k). For many participants, the KTA Trail Challenge 50k is the ultimate test of physical fitness and mental toughness. "Winning" is the personal satisfaction that comes with finishing the course in the allotted time.

Just a few of the highlights of the 2016 50k course include Wind Cave, House Rock Vista, Tucquan Creek, the Pinnacle Overlook, Kelly's Run, crossing the Susquehanna River on the Norman Wood Bridge, then together with the 25k course, historic Lock 12 and Oakland Run. Participants of the 50k enjoy scenic Urey Overlook and Otter Creek. The 25k course includes the beautiful Overlook Trail, Wisslers Run, and a sweeping view of the unique Muddy Run Power Reservoir.
Everyone who reaches the finish line earns a beautiful, carved wooden medallion.
All participants receive a tech t-shirt at the Finish Line. If you would like a certificate with your finishing time, please request that one be mailed to you, after the event.

VOLUNTEERS: Volunteers ARE NEEDED for the KTA Trail Challenge. Many volunteer opportunities are available including registration (Saturday morning), parking, trail sweeps, and more. Please considering registering.

For more information and to register CLICK HERE